Writing a radio show proposal

Will it hold listeners captive in their cars in the Canadian Tire parking lot? Do you have someone in mind? Does the show have a personality? There are many research proposals you could come up with such ashow medicine affects life expectancy. Give us a sense of your background, your passions.

Who is the host? Hosting a radio program requires a lot of work and much preparation. How do you do a good radio show? At CBC our shows drive people to our website … can you tell us how your show will do that? Does it make sense for your concept be expanded for multiple platforms? Is there anything new or different about how your show will sound?

We want to discover great talent and put it to work.

What is the longest running radio show?

This paperwork will have step by steps guidelines in writing the proposal. In other words, get involved in the station and help make it a success!

How to Write a Radio Show Proposal

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Examples of project proposal? If not, what qualities would your ideal host possess? If your program has a distinct personality and tone — and if it has a host with a distinct and engaging personality — the pitch might move to the top of the pile.

You couldsubmit a research proposal on poverty and violence for example. How do you write a research paper proposal? There are an unlimited number of research proposals. Now work all that information into a logical statement of your understanding of what is wanted and how you will provide that.

You should have people listen to your show andgive their feedback and opinions and share them with the producersas well.

Propose Your Own Show

How to Get Hold of You: Examples of research proposal? When you tell others about your dream radio show, what excites them the most?Writing a proposal for a radio show is much like writing any other proposal. It should include the offer, terms and benefits to the client company.

Be. This paper covers many facets of preparing a radio pro-posal. It will concentrate on VLA proposals, although many comments will apply to most radio array propos-als. The four topics covered are: properties of radio observations; proposal types and time frames; cover-sheet information; and writing a good proposal.

Many web-site locations where. Content of show (items, features and articles): Examples of questions and issues to be raised for interviews: Examples of Vox Pops / other actuality to be used: Styles of music to be used (e.g.

titles and beds): Radio Programme Proposal / Treatment Template. BARRY GORDON FROM LEFT FIELD: Proposal for a Daily Syndicated Progressive Talk Radio Show Page 3 INTRODUCTION “We’re talking about taking back the country, folks.” —BARRY GORDON “What you’re doing on your show is setting an example to others in the media—that you don’t.

Dec 22,  · -CBC Radio receives hundreds of proposals every year and only a very few are selected for development.-Submissions are usually processed within three (3) months.

The Idea Your proposal doesn’t need to be. Provide background information about you and your team members, and describe radio or broadcasting experience you have.

Include a few ideas for show topics and list details of people you'd interview or feature on the show. Record a Sample Show. If you're experienced in radio, make a demo reel of your best interviews or music compilations.

Writing a radio show proposal
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