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Stakeholders Those involved in the project include: The Content Management Phase consists of the following steps: Some former members of OP continue to support the product on a voluntary basis to assist the non-profit organizations that use the product.

Take a Deep Dive into the Project Schedule At this stage, you will have collected a lot of info in the project management plan about the size and scope of Website project plan project. Nonprofits use the OfficePlease website to perform administrative tasks.

Project Strategies Purpose The purpose of the website being developed is to help potential users managers and technicans at non-profit organizations make informed decisions about fulfilling their office automation needs. Is it a lead generation and gathering site, Website project plan users through landing pages and contact forms?

Stages and sub-stages are already pre-set, all you need to Website project plan is add the team and the actual tasks, like in a regular Gantt chart schedule.

A Smart Web Development Planning Tool Even if you prefer agile project management, an overview of the steps and stages of the project is a good thing to have. It can cause the largest delays and if not done correctly, the most missed opportunities with a new website.

Identify the Need A website without a purpose is nothing more than a poster on a wall: Development Here is an overview of the basic development phase. How much money will be spent on the site, and where will that money which normally translates into hours get spent?

Here are some areas: We nickname this the "Pivot report" because it has complete details, allowing it to be coverted it into a Pivot Table within Microsoft Excel for further exploration.

Sure, not a single line of code is written during the process, but if done right, competent planning will lead to managed expectations, efficient time- and risk management and ultimately, happy stakeholders. This plan will guide the site, from the first meeting through launch day.

The value is that users do not need to spend hundreds on Microsoft Office.

How to Create a Website Project Management Plan

Budget is fairly simple: Take it for a spin today. Align on Scope and Budget for the Project There are two axes to look at the resources for a website: Our templates enable you to start planning straight away and help you get things done Website Development Any project manager will tell you that the process of website planning is just as important as the actual development itself.

For example, an organization with all Sun servers may not need nor want to evaluation alternative operating systems. Discussing and capturing this upfront on the website project management plan will ensure all team members are in the loop.

The resources associated with each task in the WBS for this project is presented by the report titled generated from the "Task and resource PivotTable" map.

Project management, as effective as it gets.

Agency Managers, who will provide input, then review and approve the site. Assess the Design The design needs of a site are dependent on a few things: Agency Constituants and potential users of the site.Plan - Platform and hosting considerations, a current site inventory, and URL mapping are just a few of the many aspects to consider in the planning stage.

Design - Users of this workbook will be exposed to and prepared for many of the design steps necessary, including wireframes, mockups, and color palettes.

Truly Easy to Use Online Gantt Charts

AS SEEN in Smashing Magazine! A FREE Web Design & Development Project Plan and Checklist for designers and clients. A good project plan for your new website to display on iPhone and iPad is composed of a series of tasks, a budget, a timeline, and a list of needed resources and materials.

Editor’s Note: This guide has been updated to reflect more recent advice on why planning is essential for most businesses and organizations.→ Go to updated article. As a veteran designer, developer and project manager for more websites than I can count, I’ve identified a common problem with many Web projects: failure to plan.

It’s admirable how this illustration of the average web design project plan condenses the essentials. It shows the common sequence, level of involvement, milestones, priorities and phases of all in one infographic. Sample Project Plan.

Website Design Project Plan

This page presents the results of planning performed for a mythical sample organization. The project plan presented here make use of modern project management best practices. such as organizing the entire project as a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) with phases at the highest (top) level.


Website project plan
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