We were soldiers analysis

Everything from the planting some hundred sycamore and beach trees in the middle of California valley to depict the actual Vietnam Ia Drang Valley, to the remanufacturing of the standard military issue uniforms that the Air Cavalry would have worn, down to the smallest details of patches and insignias that the troops would have worn on their uniforms.

Moore states in a documentary included in the video versions that this film is the first one "to get it right". Moore and his men standing victorious on the battlefield.

However, in this movie, We were soldiers analysis production team hired a company called Cinema Weaponry who furnished and restored some weapons for the Air Calvary soldiers including M 40mm grenade launchers, M machine guns, calibur pistols and ME1 assault rifles. He sponsored the creation of the Green Berets as specialists in counterinsurgency warfare.

At the end of the movie it is revealed that Hal Moore returned home safely after more days of fighting. Many photographs taken during the actual battle by Joseph Galloway allowed Hollywood to visualize and recreate the battle scenes.

The wardrobe for the actors was immense We were soldiers analysis actually included progressively dirtier sets of clothes for different points in the film. Reinforcements were a long way off and had to be flown in by helicopter.

The movie used graphic images to show how the American troops were outnumbered to 4, North Vietnam soldiers and how they were fighting within feet of the each other. The Vietnamese have set up heavy gun emplacements near the hidden entrance of the underground headquarters spoken of by the scout.

Their blow-by-blow description of the battle is always told from the perspective of the men engaged. Moore and Galloway built their account out of the recollections of survivors of the Ia Drang fighting.

He is disquieted because the 7th Cavalry regiment was the unit commanded by General George Custer in the 19th Century when he and his men were slaughtered at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in Get started at Hirepurpose.

In one key incident, the finding of a vintage French bugle on a dying Vietnamese soldier, the English -born Rescorla is replaced by a nameless Welsh platoon leader.

To get into his role as Sgt. For example, the seriousness of the overrun of C Company under the command of Capt. He leads a newly created air cavalry unit into the Ia Drang Valley against over 4, well equipped enemy soldiers.

For instance, the film depicts a heroic charge under the command of Lt. The production crew created a small-scale replica of the battlefield, and then set about knocking down trees and planting the right grass and shrubs so that it closely resembled the Ia Drang Valley. Or know another veteran, service member, or military spouse who is?

This may draw the audience into the film but it is not an historically accurate depiction reflecting the time period of the movie. The film also showed some of Mr. There are many additional historical differences between the book and the movie, presumably made to shorten the length of the movie. The music sounded a bit more modern.

In addition, I recall some of the expressions that the soldiers used to be more modern slang than what may have been used in the s. It was inevitable that the First Cavalry Division, seen as the cutting edge of the new Army, would be sent to Vietnam once the decision was made to commit American troops to the fighting there.

Kennedy took a special interest in the development of military units capable of waging guerrilla war in the Third World. Some differences not shown would have demonstrated how desperate the American situation at Ia Drang was.

They were surrounded, outnumbered, and locked in a fight for survival against trained and battle-hardened North Vietnamese regulars. Moore and Joseph L.We were soldiers is a fact-based tale of men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another during one of the most savage military battles in U.


We Were Soldiers Analysis

history. We Were Soldiers, directed by Randall Wallace and starring Mel Gibson, takes us along with the U.S. Army's 7th Air Cavalry inwhen American troops were first becoming directly involved in fighting North Vietnamese soldiers.

The film chronicles the famous Battle of Ia Drang Valley in South Vietnam's Central Highlands.

We Were Soldiers Once…and Young Analysis

Analysis of We Were Soldiers Once and YOung: Ia Drang The Battle that Changed the War in Vietnam ” Dallaire dedicates this book to four different groups of people: 1.Rwandans who died 2. We Were Soldiers Analysis Scott Johnson 04/14/09 HIST.

Analysis of We Were Soldiers

Term Project Film Analysis/Review WE WERE SOLDIERS It’s a known fact that that the Vietnam War was fought by young American soldiers that bled and. Mar 01,  · "We Were Soldiers," like "Black Hawk Down," is a film in which the Americans do not automatically prevail in the style of traditional Hollywood war movies.

Ia Drang cannot be called a defeat, since Moore's men fought bravely and well, suffering heavy casualties but killing even more Viet Cong/5. Film Analysis/Review WE WERE SOLDIERS It’s a known fact that that the Vietnam War was fought by young American soldiers that bled and died next to one another in the jungles of Vietnam.

With many wins and loses throughout the war there were over 58, American casualties by wars end.

We were soldiers analysis
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