Triangle the fire that changed america thesis

This business was extremely profitable for both of them and they were considered shirt making giants. The surge of Russian Jew immigration was as a result of several anti-semitic activities occurring in Russia at the time.

They had referred to America as "The Golden Land". When finally past Ellis Island, he describes the people who waited to take advantage of the Greenhorns, the new arrivals. After the development of garment manufacturing as an industry on a grand scale, it left the tenement homes and moved into the factory.

Their demands were a 52 hour work week and better facilities. This did however backfire as a bruised woman brought more people to the cause. The unsanitary conditions and the fear women must have had sharing rooms with men as well as the humiliation of having the ships crew watch as they washed.

The police were also believed to be on the payroll. She was a fiery member of the socialist party and a garment worker. The journey to America and the arrival were probably not what they had expected.

Triangle the Fire That Changed

After leaving a strike, she was targeted as a trouble maker and one of the criminals of the day was paid to beat her. Most residents had homes full of people.

From this came the term, sweatshop. The typical location for most immigrants was in the tenement houses of the lower east side. She personified the change in women of the day.

These houses were packed with people and poorly ventilated. The main political team at the time was out of Tammany Hall. On many occasions the protestors were arrested on trumped up charges to punish them for making waves.

The author described the tenements were not only for residence but also a place where many would work all night sewing garments. He explained the processes within the factory, where everyone sat, the unsafe practices of the cutter, who would be the one ultimately responsible for the blaze, who was located on each individual floor and After a Greenhorn made it past the people upon approach they would have to try to find work at the Pig Market.

One of these occasions, in September ofincluded Miss Clara Lemlich. The author also explained what brought many of the immigrants to the United States and the typical life they endured upon arrival.

They saw a way to make money from this trend by producing waists quickly from precut patterns and forming an assembly line production. Many were Russian Jews skilled at the trade of sewing.

The massive flow of cheap labor as a result of immigration gave the factory owners little need to have concern for employees, all were easily replaced.Triangle: The Fire That Changed America starts off on the peak of the action as a sort of a preview of its climax.

Organization of the book is quite unusual, but it is written in plain English. I recommend this book to anyone interested in early twentieth century history.

Triangle the Fire That Changed America David Von Drehle By: Tori Marino Background History Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was located in New York March 25, Deadliest industrial disastor in history of New York deaths Age ranged from Led to improvements Thesis "Then came the Triangle fire.

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Only at". The book, TRIANGLE The Fire that Changed America, written by David Von Drehle. Is set in New York City primarily in the tenements of the Lower East Side and in 5/5(1). David Von Drehle's Triangle: The Fire that Changed America is an account of the fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in which young female workers died.

To develop a thesis statement (a sentence or two asserting the major claim you need to prove), first you much choose some one specific aspect of the book about which to write.

The Fire that Changed America by David Von Drehle Essay Words | 8 Pages. TRIANGLE The Fire that Changed America by David Von Drehle The book, TRIANGLE The Fire that Changed America, written by David Von Drehle, is set in New York City primarily in the tenements of the Lower East Side and in Greenwich Village.

Triangle the fire that changed america thesis
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