The apprentice luisa business plan

However, both she and Sugar felt that Neil had been the only member of the team to have vaguely performed well on the task. Finally, shrewdly, I ask Littner for a useful business tip.

A day at a luxury spa Brought into the boardroom: Despite her victory, Lord Sugar did have some concerns about the fact that Leah dismissed any criticisms of her business idea, as well as the risks involved in the industry, and had been harsh on her teammates.

Although Lord Sugar did not fire Natalie over her weak leadership and allowing Luisa to take over the task, or Uzma for being considerably out of touch with her design expertise and refusing to take any responsibility, he felt that both had done well to at try to step up their contributions unlike Sophie.

Although she did have concerns with Jason and Zeeshaan during the task, these did not show in the boardroom as she found both effective. Luisa Project ManagerFrancesca and Leah. And this poses a problem, because Leah and Luisa are especially woeful people.

Despite being the second highest seller on the team, it could do nothing to counter her questionable sales the apprentice luisa business plan in the task and her consistently poor performance throughout the process.

But one thing is certain: Although he stated in the task briefing that the winner would be decided via a combination of the profit and customer feedback, the final decision was based solely on the former goal, as the satisfaction ratings for both teams were virtually identical, though he noted that both had slightly ignored his point about the business focus of the task.

People invest in people. Lord Sugar decides on who is his business partner, based on feedback on their plan and their overall performance.

The Apprentice 2013: who should win?

As a testament to their business relationship, when the latter entered the House of Lords that year, he handed over the reins of all his companies to Littner. On a purely business level, it all depends how brave Alan Sugar feels.

The Apprentice Episode 11: Leah Totton And Luisa Zissman In The Final

Not only was her leadership terrible, her team criticised her for focusing on motivation than of strategy, she also was criticised for focusing on a hard-sell item, despite its high profits, and thus leaving multiple items and products unsold; those that were, did so at a very cheap price.

After a number of posts elsewhere, Littner focused on turning around the fortunes of five-a-side football centre operator Powerleague, which he did, within a year.

However, the overall content was felt to be quite good by the attending industry experts, though they raised some concerns over her aiming the business at women, as much as towards consumers rather than trade customers.

Claude pointed out to Jordan that he was not actually a shareholder or a director or a founder in the business he was proposing to offer to Lord Sugar, called him a parasite and terminated the interview before Jordan could answer.

Interviews[ edit ] Original Air Date: Choose a variety of imported goods from a container, then sell them within sixteen hours. It was not just about the money, I wanted the mentoring and the support, so The Apprentice was the best platform for me.

I think you need to have the strength of character to go on a national TV show and cope with everything that comes with that. Rick Stein and Josh Widdicombe Notes: In total, the team bought four items, but their mistakes and the fines incurred ultimately snatched victory from them. The Final[ edit ] Original Air Date: Neil Project ManagerFrancesca and Luisa.

He has 40 or 50 years of business experience that I did not have and I have been able to exercise his expertise.Her business plan for Lord Sugar is an 'ASOS for workwear,' a fashion retrailer selling appropriate stylish clothing for women working in offices.

Michaela Wain. Leah Totton has won the ninth series of The Apprentice.

The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman 'paid £3,000 to remove sexy photos from the internet'

After beating off stiff competition from baking entrepreneur Luisa Zissman in an all-female final, the year-old NHS doctor has secured a business partnership with Lord Sugar, as well as a £, investment in her business plan for a chain of cosmetic clinics across the UK.

Leah Totton won the Apprenticebeating Luisa Zissman in the final.

The Apprentice's Claude Littner says: Call that a business plan? A 10-year-old could do better

Lord Sugar chose the doctor and former model from Derry in Northern Ireland to be his business partner. The Apprentice candidates face the tough interview process on tonight's show, but just what are the final five's business plans? Leah's plan is to open up a string of medical cosmetic clinics.

Cover up: The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman has paid web experts to rumour sexy photos of her from online In Google images, the Sunday People report that on Saturday, the first page still had pictures of Luisa posing in the nude, lingerie and locking lips with another girl.

Series Nine of The Apprentice (UK), a British reality television series, was broadcast in the UK during from 7 May to 17 July on BBC One.

The apprentice luisa business plan
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