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In the third one, I failed to make a point that really needed to be made, which is: The problem is, of course, exacerbated by the fact that definitions of feminism have become so varied and so many different issues have been attached to feminism by different people.

The events also drew a healthy population of men, by the way.

Clarisse Thorn

As Richard Jeffrey Newman at Alas said: One commenter who went by Sailorman over at Alas said, on the third post: And yet there were plenty of men who answered the posts, emailed me, etc.

I can start by saying that get safe spaces; they are, in fact, extremely relevant for BDSMers. When I started the film series and a related meetup called Pleasure SalonI characterized both of them as open sexuality discussion spaces for everyone.

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He was referring to the third post in particular, I think, in which I talk about how many feminist spaces are arguably hostile to men, and it might be in the interest of feminists to make them less hostile.

No, really, I am. This is partly a reasonable point. I did things like refer to men as The Oppressive Class, for instance. In other words, I think we can make spaces to discuss these things that are open to everybody, and we can still make feminism only available to people who agree with the basic tenets of feminism.

So let me be really, painfully, slowly clear over the course of many paragraphs. I agree with Toy Soldier that this may not have been the best tactic. There are a ton of comments on those three posts, many of them interesting.

Commenter Sam linked to an interesting and relevant comment some dude left on another blog: I do not think these things are mutually exclusive. I understand what this movement is trying to do: I go by Clarisse. I want to be her when I grow up. I asked a bunch of interrelated but differently-focused questions.

The comments are an often-offensive minefield, however, as Daran himself later acknowledged. We may disagree on the means by which we achieve that goal, but there is room for me in this revolution, in this re-visioning of what gender means. Actually, the compromise was easy.

The fact that the old script is gone can be laid on feminism. I have never found feminist discourses around gender and sexuality closed to me. I confess that, as a man whom I imagine most people would probably define as normative — at least according to the criteria Clarisse has been using in her series — I have trouble with the premise of this question.COUPON: Rent Real Essays with Readings with MLA Update Writing Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life 3rd edition () and save up to 80% on textbook rentals and 90% on used textbooks.

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Real essays with readings 2009
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