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Additionally, when the player rejects a character, the rejected character will come bid farewell before the player leaves to return home. As a child, his father created the rose maze as a safe place for him to play.

He looked upset, but he let you go. Hidden Puzzles There are 8 puzzles are hidden throughout the map and answering them correctly rewards you with cheat codes. The "good" ending happens when you have less than Relationship EXP with a character and dance with them at the ball.

It is about a princess named Rose who is forced to flee her kingdom with her elf servant, Lewis, when it is attacked by a neighboring kingdom. He told Alice he loved her, and kindly asked her to stay and go with him to his kingdom.

Wonderland Days Sim Date Guide

He once had a friend named Fern Toln, but she passed away. Edit Kingdom Days is set in a kingdom neighboring Wonderland and was released on 5th September You also have 30 days until the Time Hole in which allows you to teleport to either their present or the past closes.

The game is pretty unique compared to the others Amy makes, because usually the mission is to get a date. Best Ending with Elliot: Clark then promises Anne to take her onto the surface next month.

Bad Ending with Clark: Lance then told her that he left as a lonely prince. Also, despite him not being a dateable character, it is still possible to achieve an ending with Noah. Several years passed as Alice accepted Noah. She wakes up to find a man with rabbit characteristics named Oliver and discovers that she ended up in a kingdom called Wonderland.

Bad Ending with Jack: You rejected him, leaving a scar in his heart. The full game came out in May, Best Ending with Jack: You accepted his proposal, and you two kissed. It was her birthday, so Noah went away to get his gift for her. And as Jack told you about his feelings for you, you kindly accepted his offer to stay with him.

He is the Cheshire Cat. To find him, after entering the maze, go: This is the version of April Fools Day Games.

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You chose for a life of adventure, not partner. The "best" ending happens when you have at least Relationship EXP with a character and dance with them at the ball.

Edit Wonderland Days, based on the classic story Alice in Wonderland was released near the end of March Clumsy and a bit awkward, Jack is a charming individual nonetheless, and Pacthesis wonderland days friends with Oliver. Edit Memory Days is another sim date from the "Days" series by Pacthesis.

Alice then returns to the surface. She decides to join "aliens" from different planets on an adventure to find out where loved ones go after death.Wonderland Days Sim Date is a cute dating simulation for girls! Play online for free now on Pacthesis Games - official home to romantic dating games.

Play as Alice and explore Wonderland in this interactive storyline with charming characters from the bashful rabbit, hatter, charming cat, King of Hearts and more. Number Days Sim Date Pacthesis 6, 6, Memory Days Sim Date Pacthesis 4, 3, Lunar Days Sim Date Pacthesis 4, 5, Chrono Days Sim Date Pacthesis 5, 4, Kingdom Days Sim Date Pacthesis 5, 5, Idol Days Sim Date Pacthesis 2, 1, Wonderland Days Sim Date Pacthesis 4, 2, Festival Days Sim Date Pacthesis 2, If you want an ending with a character, then you must talk to them until they run out of dialogue.

A dating simulation safe for all ages. You have 30 days to explore Wonderland with an interactive storyline and charming characters. Pacthesis’s Kongregate profile - Play free games created by Pacthesis and share your opinions.

Explore other great online games and more. Tagged: pacthesis secrets, wonderland days sim date. If you look close enough at my drawings of myself, you’ll see the contacts in my eyes. Posted 5 years ago. Pacthesis also uploaded "fake" sim dates titled Another Days, Another Days 2 and Another Days 3, and Rainbow Days for April Fool's Day inandrespectively.

Before the Days series began, there was the Anime Sim Date series.

Pacthesis wonderland days
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