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He speaks to autumn like you would talk to a person. A level that is the story told, and then a metaphori-cal level that is very creative. The whole stanza is some kind of a metaphor, because he de-scribes autumn as a person and he makes it alive. That is the second place where we could find her.

The poem is written in the romantic movement.

The focus is on what noises they make, and how they contribute to the mood in autumn. In this stanza, the narrator paints a picture in our minds that is very beautiful. To sum up, the text is very positive and poetic.

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The third place where we could be able to find her is by the cider-press. The narrator mentions three places, where we can probably find autumn: It shows the narrators love for the season au-tumn and how he sees it.

He mentions both how the sun matures, but also how all fruits are filled with ripeness. He describes autumn as a person and he ensouls autumn. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

So they have a different look at the same season, and that is characteristic for autumn. The granary floor, on a half reaped furrow or by the cider-press. In the first stanza the narrator addresses autumn, and describes how he sees autumn. There are a lot of different animals mentioned in this stanza.

The autumn does not know what to do, now that the harvest is done. The form is very harmonious and as a reader you have a god experience reading it.

There are some similarities, but they are also different in some way. The narrator keeps on painting these pictures in our heads, and suddenly it has two levels. One of the main themes of the poem is obviously nature.

The narrator uses a lot of adjec-tives to describe autumn and all the good things that comes with it. Positive words as light, whistles and twitter are all words, that contributes to a peaceful poem full of harmony.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised English Literature work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. Essay UK - http: He describes autumn not just as a friend of the sun, but as a close bosom-friend of it.

The form of the poem is very natural and it fits very well with the content. Maybe he means that autumn is careless, because now that the harvest is done, there are no more jobs for autumn to do in the world.

The poem contains 3 stanzas each containing 11 lines. He fo-cuses on the nature and especially fruits, and he mentions both apples and hazel shells, be-cause autumn or indian summer is the seasons when you harvest. One of the main themes in the first stanza is ripeness.

He reminds au-tumn that it has it own qualities. In the first line, the narrator mentions a store, which could be a metaphor or a symbol for all the fruits and crops and he asks a rhetorical question. The narrator then paints a picture in our head of a beautiful woman lying on a half harvested field half asleep, with the smell of nice red puppies.

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It is about hearing the animals, tasting the mature fruit, and se how beautiful autumn is. But this is the only part of the poem, where the mood is not positive.Ode to Autumn by John Keats Essay Words | 3 Pages.

Ode to Autumn by John Keats This poem that I am going to be focusing on is titled "Ode to Autumn", written by John Keats. Keats' ode 'To Autumn' deals predominantly with the passage of time, described within the imagery of the season of Autumn.

The ode is a celebration of change, involving life, growth and death. Keats makes use of many literary and textual tools. - Critical Analysis of Ode to Autumn by John Keats John Keats was born in He was known to be a romantic poet; poetry that describes the natural world. The poem ode to autumn was written in Sadly Keats died in The poem ode to autumn is about how the season of autumn progresses.

To autumn: A critcal analysis In his ode, „To Autumn“, the speaker experiences the beauty of autumn in its fullest way.

What makes this ode so profound is the use of certain words which create a unique atmosphere and of course the clear structure which makes it easy to understand. Ode to Autumn has a very different theme and style in comparison to many of Keat’s other poems. While most of Keats poems contain sharp cadences and emotionally charged themes, Ode to Autumn is a calm, descriptive poem about Keat’s perspective of the season Autumn and its relation to other season.

To Autumn – John Keats The poem “ To Autumn” is written by the Englishman John Keats in The poem contains 3 stanzas each containing 11 lines.

Keats ode to autumn essay
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