Interview a healthcare leader

Personal Philosophy of Leadership Nurse Charles has a unique philosophy of a good leader because of how she came about the job and that she was a staff nurse on the same floor that today she is the manager on.

As a leader one can manage workload and situations, not people. Interview of a Healthcare Leader [continues]. Interview a healthcare leader has been a registered nurse for 18 years, all of which has been spent in the Veterans Hospital.

Some staff members as the DON stated find it difficult to follow instructions, so her challenge is to come up or elicit ideas from people on how to make staff members adhere to the policies established.

She stated that she does not believe in using only one leadership style because every situation is different. When I requested this interview she gladly accepted stating that leadership is a very important position in nursing and every nurse needs to be a leader.

A Company cannot be innovative and competitive without comprehending the importance of leadership. Each of these positions was in critical care. She started her nursing career in public health where she worked for seven years. She answered, "A leader is one who can inspire others and give them the tools to work toward their full potential" personal communication, As I grow in my professional career, I never forget the days of being a staff nurse, a practical nurse or a nursing assistant.

Who undoubtedly, embodies the essence of an effective leader. They are the key to Interview a healthcare leader successful business, especially in nursing. A leader is someone who can apply behaviors and strategies to influence others to obtain certain goals.

There are three main points that distinguish a leader: People can manage themselves if given the right direction and tools to complete their task. Another trait is compassion. I also learned that being a leader is not for everyone, because of the physical, psychological, social, and intellectual requirements that are expected from a health care leader.

Not to say that it is a bad thing, but sometimes experience trumps education. Leaders need to learn to use those talents, it helps others to grow.

Health care has become a booming for profit business. She is very active in her professional organization. During this morning stand-up meeting, I observed some qualities that I think make a person an effective leader.

Interview With a Healthcare Leader Her personal philosophy on leadership is first and for most one have to be true to one self and one most fundamental beliefs.

Leaders need to allow others to be creative in their own practice; nurses have wonderful ideas and given the opportunity will develop the processes to fix system issues faster and more efficiently than those who sit behind a desk. Learning Experiences Time management was the largest learning experience for Nurse Charles.

She stated that one of her pet peeves in this position is that no matter how much she tries to act cordially toward some people in the work place, some staff members just want to make everything difficult for her to manage. By definition a leader is "someone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish specific goals" Sullivan,p.

Some of the ways include, introduction of ideas, creation of new policies and procedures, helps with changing existing policies and helps with implementation and evaluation of outcomes in a health care setting Collinson, It is important that leaders can walk in the steps of a bedside nurse and know what his or her challenges are.

Nowadays, in a dynamic, high competitive market understanding leadership is very crucial for any heath care facility. Another value I want to pass on to others is passion, If leaders fail to have passion for what we do and what we believe in others will be able to see through this and will be less likely to follow your lead and believe in you as a leader.

As a result the health institution was sued for illegal termination. Integrity means trying to do the right thing all the time, even when no one is looking. As health care changes, quantity becomes more of the focus than the quality of care given.

Accountability for yourself as well as your staff is another importance as a leader as well" Y. Charles personal communication, She replied, "Just because you have a Type A personality does not mean you can be a good leader.

Leaders can inspire others to work to their full potential. It is important for a leader to possess this value to inspire others to follow his or her lead; it would be hard to gain the trust of others if you fail to exhibit this value.

My leader has been a nurse for 20 years.

Interview With a Healthcare Leader Examples - NUR 492

The entrepreneurial leadership is one of an enterprising, transformational leader who operates in a dynamic market which offers lucrative opportunities. She is a visionary constantly strives to enhance healthcare outcomes, experiences and results.

She learned various leadership techniques and strategies from the previous DON.(Interview With a Healthcare Leader) I chose to interview Mrs. T. the administrator of a critical care nursing facility.

Interview a Healthcare Leader Essay

Who undoubtedly, embodies the essence of an effective. Running head: INTERVIEW WITH A HEALTHCARE LEADER Interview with a Healthcare Leader NAME University of Phoenix Interview with a HealthCare Leader Leaders must have a vision for their organization that looks to the future of.

In either case, preparation is key for sounding polished and professional, so you definitely want to consider and rehearse your responses to common questions beforehand, says Lewis Lin, CEO of Impact Interview in Seattle, which provides interview coaching for job seekers in industries including health care.

Job candidates for positions in healthcare administration will need to command these common (and some tough) healthcare administrator interview questions.

Interview of a Health Care Leader

Example of an Interview of a Healthcare Leader for NUR at the University of Phoenix. A leader is someone who can apply behaviors and strategies to influence others to obtain certain goals.

In this paper, I am going to discuss the views of the leader I chose.

Conclusion Conducting an interview with a healthcare leader was a learning experience for me because of all the renewed understanding of what it takes to be a leader. “Leadership encompasses a holistic focus on shared processes, structures, and culture” (Hanson, & Ford,p.


Interview a healthcare leader
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