History 17b 13 second midterm study guide

If you must, you will need to ask permission. Part II 50 points In this section of the exam you will be given two of the following questions on the day of the exam and asked to write on only one of them. Once you start the midterm, you must finish it within 70 minutes.

Reading Quiz Attached to the exam will be a reading quiz, covering Beals through page If I see one out in the classroom, you will flunk the exam.

Many Americans in the mids could not have imagined in the near future an end to the economic prosperity, Republican dominance of national politics, and cultural conflict. Your essay should be well developed, with an introduction that contains a precise thesis statement, an essay body that proves that thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes your argument and points out its historical significance.

Justify your answers with specific examples by drawing on the reforms of the era both proposed and enacted such as the Square Deal, New Freedom, New Nationalism, as well as efforts on the part of citizen activists, journalists, and politicians.

Why did they have to, and what kind of discrimination did they continue to face? How did their goals conflict with or compliment the ideology of individualism?

This test is worth points. What are "Paper Sons" and which immigrant group made the most frequent use of this method in gaining entry into the U. See the lecture for help on this question! Describe why they would have thought that why that is, what were the s like for each of these issueshow these issues were already changing prior to the Great Depression, and how and why the Great Depression fundamentally changed them.

Why did rural Americans feel so threatened by urban Americans in the late 19th century? You will want to discuss both the issues drawing the United States into the European conflict and how it became involved with Japan in the Pacific. The home front period of World War I and the year following the war was marked by wide-scale patriotism, mass unity, and relative peace and calm.

What were the causes and social consequences of the Great Depression? To answer any of these questions, summarize and compare and contrast when appropriate the main points of the historic terms in the question. Individualism was a powerful ideology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You will want to discuss what it broadly sought to do, and particularly how it addressed issues such as housing, workers, the elderly, and electrification. Students will have no more than 4 days to make-up the exam. What did they accomplish?

This is definitely more work, but it is a great way to prepare. Answer them on the back of the Scantron form. Write an essay that explores if and why the historical evidence supports or refutes that statement.

What are the differences between Old Immigrants and New Immigrants? If the Crash was not a cause, what impact did it have on the economy? Each question below is entered into a database which will randomly give you two questions.

Once you have completed the exam, turn it in and you may leave.

We will write a custom essay sample on Study Guide History 17b or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on Study Guide History 17b. I will not allow any electronic devises to be visible during the exam.

Study Guide History 17b

Which approach proved more popular and effective and why. What is the Agrarian Myth, and how was it central to the fueling of the Populist Movement in the late 19th century?Study Guide History 17b History 17B Second Midterm Study Guide This exam (November 1) will be closed book and closed note.

Please bring a small bluebook or greenbook, a Scantron form #E, #2 pencils, and pens. MIDTERM REVIEW SHEET HISTORY 17B ONLINE WINTER.

AVAILABILITY: The Midterm will be available WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10 through SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 (until pm PST). Once you start the midterm, you must finish it within 70 minutes. IMPORTANT TIPS. View Test Prep - history 17B midterm study guide from ENVS 1 at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Study Guide for History 17B Midterm WINTER The midterm exam will %(1). History 17A; History 17B; History ; Links; Scroll down for: Dates of examinations, book review and extra credit assignments.

First Exam Study Themes: Click here Note: All exams are one hour long! Lecture Notes for 1 st Exam Eras in American History Map of the Americas Please see extra credit assignment guide for details on oral and.

Use this American History to Study Guide course to prepare for an exam, get help with homework or learn about historical facts for personal interest. The 13 Colonies: Life in Early. History 17B Study Guide for Second Midterm Due Date: First Wednesday or Thursday after Spring Break, Depending on whether you attend MW or R This is a matching, essay, and short answer exam.

Since the essay and short -answer portions are a take home exam, you may use either a.

History 17b 13 second midterm study guide
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