Fantasy book report projects

Use these to create a collage on a bookmark. Make an ID card which belongs to one of the characters. Compare this book with another you have read on a similar subject. Alternatively, students can be allowed to act-out different chapters of the book as they are recorded.

Conclusion Putting the above refreshing techniques into practice can help both the teacher and students in reading comprehension. Why or Why not? Draw a comic-book page complete with bubble-style conversations showing an incident in your book.

Include sentences for each on why your character likes each of the sites. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and label them.

You may do this project with a partner, but be sure to write a script before taping. Imagine that you have been given the task of conducting a tour of the town in which the book you read is set. Write a description of one of the main characters. One of you becomes the prosecuting attorney; the other is the defense.

Outline what would happen in the rest of book. You may want to use a musical background for your tape. Be sure to include clear directions and provide everything needed to play.

Tutors can motivate learners to form a book club where they can read given books together and review or recommend them thereafter. Make a poster advertising your book so someone else will want to read it. Create life-sized models of two of your favourite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book.

Make a travel brochure advertising the setting of the story. Imagine that you are about to make a feature-length film of the novel you read.

Cartoon reporting is especially fun for boy students. Make the bookmark available for others to use as they read the same book. Find something a character in your book was looking for or would like. A part which you believe is the climax of the story. Read two books on the same subject and compare and contrast them.

After they have solved the rebus. Movie Poster Pretend the book is going to be made into a movie and create a poster to promote the movie. Creating a Short Video Clip about the Book Thanks to technology, we now have a number of tools which can work both online and offline to create short movie clips.

Make a flannel board story.

Fantasy Book Report - ABC Paper Bag Book Project for grades 3-6

Find the top 10 web sites a character in your book would most frequently visit. Use simple vocabulary so that it may be enjoyed by younger students.

Pretend you are the main character and retell the story. Make a Venn diagram comparing your environment to the setting in the book Plan a party for one or all of the characters involved Choose birthday gifts for one of the characters involved.

A part that proves a personal opinion that you hold. Tell about the most important part of the book. Write a letter to a movie producer trying to get that person interested in making your book into a movie.

Fantasy Book Report

Design a greeting card to go along with your gift. Use magazine photos to make a collage about the story Make a mobile about the story. Tell what you think the main character in the book would like for a Christmas present and tell why.

Plan a party for the characters in the book you read. A pantomime acted out for a guessing game.

Make a map showing where the story took place. Explain who these characters are and how they fit in the story.This is a book project for a fantasy book that has a written aspect as well as a Book Project.

You can use both together or separately. There is an attached rubric that includes scoring for both the written report and the diorama. The written report asks students to describe the characters, setting, write a summary, describe what about the book makes it a fantasy, and also tell them their.

As boring as they may be, book reports are a valuable part of assessing different skills such as; writing skills, comprehension, and critical thinking. With new digital equipment and ideas, there. Ready-to-Go Genre Book Reports by Susan Ludwig science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, mystery, and historical fiction.

With several projects for each genre, this book will genre and any book.

Ten Great Creative Book Report Ideas

These engaging projects move beyond traditional book report formats and challenge students to use their critical thinking skills and creativity.

Fantasy Book Report.

How to Enhance Book Reports Using Technology

Project and Report Due: Book Title: _____ Author: _____ Select a fantasy /science fiction. book. For example, the story may contain use of magic, talking animals, mythical creatures or beings, or a setting in a futuristic, fantastic or medieval universe.

Title of your book (“Fantasy/Science Fiction Outline”) Author. Book Report/Literature Response Ideas You will use creativity, art, proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and literary response skills in writing a response to a book you have read.

These 10 creative book report ideas will spice things up for the better! Book reports are old news, and kids often don't enjoy doing them.

But never fear! These 10 creative book report ideas will spice things up for the better! Ten Great Creative Book Report Ideas. Tweet. Share Pin 2K +1 5.

Fantasy book report projects
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