Ekphrasis writing about art high school

Perhaps the most effective contemporary poems dealing with visual art are those where the authors include themselves in the poem, recounting the background circumstances that led to a viewing of the painting or sculpture in question; or what memories or associations or emotions it stirs in them; or how they might wish the work to be different from what it is.

Instruct students to hold on to their notes as they will be used at the end of the unit. Students will also collaborate with groups.

The end point of this activity asks the students to write the ideas about the art that came out in discussion in their notebooks. Students are working together. After they have underlined and noted things in the margins we will have a discussion about their observations.

The tradition was continued as technology advanced, which resulted in mourning photography becoming popular if a family could not afford the commission of an artist.

Ask the students why the two would be compared the circle, it is gold, there are distinct separations on the coin, the lettering circles the edge like the river. The next series of class periods will use similar approaches to ekphrastic poetry, but will have slightly different formats.

Plainly stated, we will only be using the emblem in which a picture is "accompanied" by text that serves to connect a motto, proverb, or something similar to it. American Ekphrasis byJames Foltz The Big Picture Visual art and literature have an intimate relationship, a relationship exploited constantly throughout our modern society.

After the phrase has been discussed, introduce the concept of ekphrasis there is another way to spell it: This unit requires my students to view and discuss various works of art. We will always focus part of our discussion on what literary devices the poet is using in the poem and why. The first thing they are to do is simply sit quietly, observe, and examine.

Demystifying Poetry Using Women's Ekphrasis

The letters stand for the following: Eckleburg — Fitzgerald Purpose: He may feel sympathy for the man, as evidenced by lines such as "And on his back the burden of the world.

I will pass out the same poem and work of art to each group.

Poetry Unit Ekphrasis: Using Art to Inspire Poetry

When an appropriate amount of time to finish breaking down the scenes has been given, students will share what they learned with the entire class.

Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience. Below the sky are two cities in which activities are taking place.

How to Write an Ekphrastic Poem at the High School Level

There is no doubt that the "gentle face" that "looks at" Longfellow "from the wall" is the Rowse portrait of Fanny. Sometimes literature is written about a piece of art that was in existence at one time, but now it is either "lost or untraceable.

Then, prior to reading the poem by Auden, we will discuss what the paintings might have in common and what a poem in response to these paintings might say. Have them reflect on how the experience impacted their life.

In terms of strategies used in lessons, they are as follows: They will also consider what the poet references in the painting and what they do not reference. The use of visual description in poetry is a huge subject, and a good treatment of the topic is found in Carol T.

A very user friendly article with a variety of ideas about how to use ekphrastic poetry in the classroom and why ekphrastic poetry is such an effective teaching tool. Depending on time, the last of these options generally is most effective. In order to ensure full participation and cooperation for the student teachers I give the students in the class 25 participation points on student teacher days.

Gather relevant information from multiple authoritative print and digital sources, using advanced searches effectively; assess the strengths and limitations of each source in terms of the task, purpose, and audience; integrate information into the text selectively to maintain the flow of ideas, avoiding plagiarism and overreliance on any one source and following a standard format for citation including footnotes and endnotes.

Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners Selected

It has all the basic information and many poems and artworks that could be used in class. These first few days will be used to get the students used to working with poetry and art, start developing their literary vocabulary, and considering function of literary devices.

Ekphrasis: Using Art to Inspire Poetry

While there is no description of the side facing the mast to which it is nailed, the side examined by the crew late in the novel reveals an exact description of the real coin. Instead, the pictures appear as grotesque as the unfinished four—limbed girl.

The next day I hang a sign—up sheet for teaching dates on the door, and the students sign up for the day they would like to teach. Draw a Venn diagram on the board and have students describe the similarities and differences between the poem and the painting. Finally, we will go over each poem using the bulleted chart from each group to help us analyze the poem.

Another effective method of breaking down poetry is to read only one or two lines at a time. Students will be asked to assess their learning knowledge by presenting the project they developed in a group. Why or why not?Ekphrasis: Poetry Confronting Art - "And first Hephasestus makes a great and massive shield, blazoning well-wrought emblems all across its surface, raising a rim around it, glittering, triple-ply with a silver shield-strap run from edge to edge and five layers of metal to build the shield itself.".

EKPHRASIS: THE MEETING OF POETRY AND ART Click on the titles below to view high-resolution photographs on the Philadelphia Museum of Art website. Writing to Look.

Writing about the Big Picture: American Ekphrasis

5. Display and examine A Huntsman and Dogs. Read and discuss the Teacher Resources for this painting. All art historians and critics agree that complete and accurate verbal descriptions of visual art are very hard to achieve, even in prose.

When the expectations associated with good poetry are part of the goal as well, we see that writing a good ekphrastic poem is a formidable task indeed.

Ekphrasis – literary writing about art – has been the theme of the Museum’s poetry contest since its start in Judges reviewed nearly entries to select winners in adult, high school and middle school categories. Among the judges on this year’s panel was Joel Lipman, former Lucas County poet laureate, who has taught.

Poetry Unit Ekphrasis: Using Art to Inspire Poetry High School English Language Arts Reading Standards for Fiction Craft and Structure Speaking and Listening Discussions Language Figurative Language Grammar Writing Narratives Oral Reports Pace and Clarity Reading Standards for Informational Text Structure Summarizing Word Meaning.

Writing about the Big Picture: American Ekphrasis The curriculum at Middletown High School for 11 th grade English utilizes American poetry and prose for its literary context, regardless whether the coursework is designed with struggling readers in mind or strictly adheres to the College Board's Advanced Placement guidelines.

As a whole.

Ekphrasis writing about art high school
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