De magia veterum the divine antithesis

Gotta say "Torn Between Ruins, Faith, and the Divine," a ghostly number with violins ghoulishly tied into the audio assault so sloppily that it kind of works, and the extraterrestrial chords and virtuoso guitar solo throughout "Angelical Deformity" which morbidly shines in its own unique way.

Most surprising is the amount of variation Mories manages to wring from a style so prone to repetition. This review was written for: A bludgeon of malignant black noise that left me both mesmerized and mutilated.

Beneath the carnivorous wave of distortion and loud blast beats lies a demented slice of mincing influences one could dub avant-garde, perhaps the defining factor of this musical lunacy. Flaying tremolo-picking gives way to whiny fret-flitting that in turn sinks into chugging.

The vocals are generally obscured by the nebulous riffs, which even themselves sometimes become a smear. Lest you think it repetitive, Mories does slip down out of his high buzz and into low head-nodding chug-rumblings and throaty rambles.

May 14th, 40 replies Release Date: It seems like a subtle nuance, but the shortest gaps create just enough tension to make the return of noise drop like a pendulous razorblade.

Hell is empty, and all the devils really are here. While on first listen they may pass you by, there are sudden and quick breaks where silence reigns for a split second. That said, as usual, De Magia Veterum is an acquired taste.

While GTT less amusing has Mories dropping the thick, black weight of his churning Mordor drone on your face, with DMV he lashes out with a whirlwind of furious and scathingly raw black metal coated with fuzz and fueled by ridiculous blastbeats, more like a hissing teakettle than the boiling blast furnace of GTT.

De Magia Veterum - The Divine Antithesis (2011)

The astral nature of the album is notable, and it sounds like heaven is really on fire, and burning fast. Mories hates Jesus, he hates you, he probably hates this music.

I found "The Stench of Burning Wings", with its streams of gallant, colliding noise, and the ravenous, ripping walls of "Burning Hands and Crowns of Flame", the soothing near miss bliss of "Angelical Deformity" with its ringing, down drifting melodies and insectoid droning alongside the deep chants in the bridge break.

Frantic buzzing turns to doomy dirge and into the depths of straight drone. The Divine Antithesis is like being molested by a gang of fallen angels in every orifice. Walls of discordant guitar riffs grinding down your spine while both black and spooky, Gothic narrative vocals sound off in unholy unison and the manic programming escalates like a composite phalanx of spastic grindcore drummers.

From the get-go Mories makes the crux of the album evident. You are simply a lowly witness to his vomiting of sick ire. For a man whose earlier work heralds impending loss of genitalia, a pink image of an inverted Christ is relatively tame, but, in combination with the album title, this image is about as subtle as a gun.

Nevertheless, the remaining chapters of "The Divine Antithesis" are pretty genuine, though, at least with what the album offers ninety-percent of the time. Better known for his blackened industrial noise project Gnaw Their Tongues, the psychotic Dutchman Mories, here under the moniker "M", rapes eardrums and black metal convention alike with side project De Magia Veterum.

Both, however, create a similar uncomfortable feeling, a paranoid nausea. Personally, I enjoyed it, even for its differences from the last album, which I preferred.DE MAGIA VETERUM - Divine Antithesis - Music. From The Community.

The Divine Antithesis

Amazon Try Prime CDs & Vinyl Go Search EN Hello. Sign 5/5(1). "Torn Between Ruins, Faith, and the Divine" opens with a guttural roar befitting OSDM.

M's noise sensibilities still show through the exponentially blackened facade. While not exactly underproduced, The Divine Antithesis definitely has an overpowering lo-fi quality.

De Magia Veterum is an interesting project; there's more than what meets the eye, and that makes the angel-dismembering album at least worth mention. Something so crazy will only attract a select crowd, so don't even bother with this unless your nerves can withstand the constant bombardment of parched tongues and acts of the unspeakable.

Download for free: «De Magia Veterum - The Divine Antithesis ()» (MP3 kbps, FLAC, TORRENT, ZIP) on DeathGrindClub. 1. Part 1: Transfiguration (loading lyrics) 2. Part 2: The Stench of Burning Wings (loading lyrics) 3. Part 3: The Flaming Sword. InDe Magia Veterum issued its label debut on Transcendental Creations titled Migdal Bavel.

Under the same label, The Divine Antithesis was released in and The Deification the following year.

De magia veterum the divine antithesis
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