Data protection act 1998 essay

On the other hand Santander can recruit people who are familiar with these regulation and rules Data protection act 1998 essay order to cut the costs of training them although it will be harder to find people like these because most of them have jobs.

The scheduling of the work of a user shall be such that the work on the display screen equipment is periodically interrupted by breaks or changes of activity.

Data protection Act 1998 Essay

This is one of the most important laws for Santander to keep in mind because Santander has a lot of employees and this law applies to all of them. The computer misuse Act is split into 3 different sections and these are: Unauthorised modification of computer material. Freedom of information Act can help Santander to persuade people to sell their items or what items to sell because they can get information about different trends or other statistics from the public authority which can show them what majority of people are like and what product they buy etc.

Santander needs to make sure they take serious actions against anyone who breaks this law in order to deterrent people from doing it. The freedom of information Act does have exemptions to it for example if the cost of a request for information exceeds an appropriate limit, the public authority may decide whether a greater public interest is being served by denying the request or supplying the information.

The freedom of information Act is a really important law. Santander has a lot of people working on computers so this rule covers a lot of employees of Santander. Unauthorised access to computer material. In this rules a few things are covered such as: This is an important law which Santander can benefit from in order to progress faster as a company and make more profit.

These laws mostly apply to employees in Santander so it is quite important for Santander to keep this law in mind and obey it. This law effect Santander because it can be used Santander to find important information about people, different trends etc. Public authorities are the national, state or local government agency.

Data Protection Act 1998 Essay

Before a person is employed as a user that person has a right to have an appropriate eye and eyesight test carried out by a competent person.

This can be a expensive process for Santander because training sessions are expensive. In order to deterrent employees from looking at peoples information for their benefit, Santander sack anyone caught of committing this crime.

Hire Writer Freedom of information Act Such tests shall be available to users at regular intervals. They need to make sure their employees are given proper health and safety guidance before they start and in addition Santander should regularly make their employees go to optician to get their eye sight checked.

Environment the person has to work. Unauthorised access to computer systems with intent to commit another offence. This rule applies to employees who are a user of displace screen equipment, their work station have to be assessed with regard to the health and safety of the user.

This law came into effect in Santander has to make sure none of their employees commit any crime especially in regards to this law because it can lead to frauds being committed against their customer.

For example Santander can demand information about the statistics about people from public authority in order to help them sell their products. This is a really important law because it prevents a lot of important things.This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Principles of Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act Introduction ===== For my module computing I have to find research and produce detailed report on freedom of information and the need for security.

In the UK the position is currently governed by the Data Protection Act ("the Act"), which is designed to comply with a European Union Directive on Data Protection to harmonise the different data protection laws within different Member States.

The Data Protection Act (DPA) is a United Kingdom Act of Parliament which defines UK law on the processing of data on identifiable living people. It is the main piece of legislation that governs the protection of personal data in the UK.

Although the Act itself does not mention privacy, it was. The data protection act deals with the personal data of each and every person.

This act protects the personal data and even the processing of personal data. This act included various features which the earlier act did include. Data Protection Act Essay.

Data Protection Act 1998

Data Protection Act is the legislation which requires to record, store and share information correctly. It says that data must be: used fairly and lawfully used for limited, specifically stated purposes used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive accurate kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary handled according to people’s data.

Data protection act 1998 essay
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