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Sellers often try to restrict sale to over legal drinking age, but may not do any checks to confirm. All reships are sent by unregistered airmail.

I have seen prices cheaper then yours on another website, will you price match?

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All our products are strictly for laboratory use only and are not approved for human consumption. The issue with selling and obtaining these drugs from online sources is that there could be potentially many risks with the type of substance purchased, the effect it will have so it is very important for people to buy from reputable vendors like apvp research chemicals.

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You can buy samples from this website, at very reasonably prices. There are suppliers that offer inferior products What are your payment processing capabilities? Research chemicals USA with worldwide shipping: How long should my order take to arrive? Scientists, explorers and researchers choose our company because we have great customer service and are driven to bring our customers larger quantities of quality research chemicals for a low price.

Choose necessary research chemicals 4 u UK reading forum and review information on researchchemicals co UK and research chemistry co UK and find them in our store to shop online chemicals for sale from trustworthy rc vendors UK.

Distributors You can become our distributor of research chemical and other synthetic products in your country and also make lots of money in the process.

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Do I get a tracking number with my order? The drugs are then posted to the purchaser who will receive nothing more than a bag of pills or powder and a receipt. Probably not unless, you happen to be in the same region as our dispatch facilities What courier service do you use?

No, not under any circumstances.

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How to buy research chemicals online Experimental research chemicals are often purchased online with vendors all over the world. Do you offer Express Shipping?

Go through our FAQ page to know more details. Wholesalers We are able to supply wholesalers at very competitive prices. I have had an email saying my order is being shipped from 2 locations, why is this?

Where is my order shipped from? For all standard orders we use international trackable or regular airmail.

Currently we only offer shipping via the postal service as this proves to be the best method for our customers. Non EU orders will take a little longer, the average shipping time is 3 - 12 business days but can take longer.

Regions that are not covered by our reship policy under any circumstances are Russia, Australia, and Romania My order has not arrived yet can you call the mail service and see why its delayed?

Cannabinoids research chemicals What are research chemicals? My tracked order has not arrived after 21 days, can i have a refund instead of a reship? Toxicity is often experimented and information about the experience these drugs give a user are usually based on small human studies.

Our ultimate aim is to bring to you, the discerning researcher, many hours of intriguing, satisfying and successful experimentation. We will be running many discounts and special offers over the coming months. No you will not get any refund, we are kind enough to offer a free reship which is more than some vendors offer so a refund is out of the question.

Do you supply free samples? If you are a regular customer and require a sample with an order just ask in the comments section, the dispatcher would usually accommodate you if they are in a good mood ;o.TRC is hard to navigate, and i havent found any other good domestic vendors that accept various payment methods.

chemscanada takes paypal and credit cards on the site though which is a big plus for convenience. rechem accepts them but in a slightly uncommon/unorthodox manner. mint-body.comtive prices:Price of ourMMB is very attractive because BestRCS has its factory in China!


mint-body.comle shipping: We could deliverMMB to most of countries without any trouble, ex USA, UK, UN, AU, RU, Canada.

Smokeys Chem Site has been a highly trusted supplier of research chemicals, for many years. We have an excellent reputation among the research chemicals community. Our live chat operators are very knowledgeable, and available 24/7, to answer your questions and take care of any issues you may have.


We are your number one research chemicals usa supplier and most reliable vendor ever. Your can order top quality research chemicals from us. is a research chemical company. We produce and sell research chemcials since We have our own chemical labs besides we cooperate with many labs in China and India, so we can provide the best quality research chemicals with the most reasonable prices.

Our dedication to quality and scientific integrity has made us one of the most respected and trusted research chemical vendors and suppliers in the online market of China, USA, UK, Ireland etc., a reputation we take very seriously and work hard to maintain.

Buy research chemicals usa paypal gambling
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