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Give at least two examples and briefly describe each one. Homework will be regularly assigned and will involve questions from the text and additional readingsAssignments: How might you find out?

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Major essays and projects will be counted in this category. Have states always assigned their electors in a winner-take-all outcome? HOW you will be graded on each part of the assignment will be explained below: There are a TON of resources on the internet about the electoral college.

How is the number of electoral votes per state determined?


In this class, you can look to all sorts of news media, blogs, Khan Academy, Crash Courses, TED talks, the National Archives, and then issue-specific sites, like towin. Use evidence and analysis to back your claims, and if you propose modifications, make sure they are very specific.

What happens if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes? What are the two states that do not use that system? When has this happened? Take-home assignments will include essays, research and creative expression. Your essay should be at least words long and should take a very clear position on the Electoral College.

You will learn a lot in this class but hopefully your interest in and curiosity about American government will extend far beyond the school year.

Is it the best method for choosing the President? Be very specific about what would happen in the House of Representatives How do you think the electoral college contributes to political polarization and people identifying with red states, blue states and swing states?

What arguments in favor of the Electoral College system did the framers of the Constitution give as they debated the framework for choosing our President? I also often find that my students have tapped into wonderful resources that I am not even aware of! How do states control how their Electors vote?

Tests will be curved to reflect AP grading scale.

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Does it skew election spending, coverage and attention too much to swing states? In a brief, well organized, persuasive essay, take a position on whether the Electoral College system of American Presidential elections should be kept, modified or overhauled completely. So we might as well begin by practicing Ap gov summer resourcefulness!

What is the winner take all system? How will I be graded? These assignments will be worth more and they will be scored according to rubrics and guidelines that will be distributed with each assignment.Learn summer assignment ap government with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from different sets of summer assignment ap government flashcards on Quizlet. Jun 21,  · Hello!! Happy Summer! I hope you are having a good one. For planning purposes, this summer assignment should take you about 4 hours, give or take. If you have any questions at all, please email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to get back to you.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We will begin. AP United States Government and Politics Summer Assignment Dear Students, Welcome to AP U.S. Government and Politics! You. The study of AP U.S. Government and Politics requires an understanding of current political events and commentary. Therefore, this year’s summer assignment is designed to help you become familiar with political news and commentary.

Starting in late summer through the fall and winter ofnew resources for AP U.S. Government and Politics teachers will become available: More Teaching and Assessing modules; Meet the current Development Committee for AP United States Government.

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Ap gov summer
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